AI Driving IT Budgets Up

Headline art depicting a steep incline sign; AI driving IT budgets UP

ETR Insights presents an interview with an Enterprise Architect for a large tech services and consulting enterprise, who is enthusiastic about increasing IT budgets and the need to develop IT frameworks to support AI/ML. They highlight the widespread adoption of low-code applications and the prominent role of generative AI at their company, particularly for chatbots … Read more

Freezing Projects to Fund AI/ML Investment 

ETR Insights presents an interview with the Senior Cloud Infrastructure Architect for a large manufacturing and tech enterprise, who discusses strategy around IT budget cuts; AI/ML and data analytics are being prioritized while other projects are frozen. The company strongly emphasizes securing intellectual property while harnessing AI technologies, noting its unique position within the government … Read more

Post Breaches, is Okta Still “Best of Breed?”

Headline art featuring a dog with a medal; "Post breaches, Is Okta still best of breed?"

ETR Insights presents an interview with an Executive Director of Information Security and Risk Management, who offers their perspective on Okta’s recent security breach and the influence of a timely response on public perception. They discuss the implications of rising product costs and ROI concerns around the vendor, while ETR offers a sneak peek at … Read more

Combating Gen AI-Supported Attacks with Stronger Endpoint and Edge Security

ETR Insights presents an interview with the Director of IT for a large energy enterprise, who details the challenges of managing IT in the energy sector amid inflationary pressures, international cyberattacks, and shifting industry trends. This executive expresses frustration with the substantial price hikes from large tech companies, while the value and effectiveness of their … Read more

Prioritizing Security Amidst Tight Budgets

Headline art displaying lock with laptop

ETR Insights presents an interview with the CISO and Vice President of IT Infrastructure for a large industrial manufacturing enterprise, which is navigating a tightening IT budget, layoffs, and potential cutbacks on hardware maintenance contracts and software licenses. Facing increased risks from nation-state cyberattacks, they’ve shifted budget allocation to prioritize security at the expense of … Read more

Google “Very Supportive” in Move to the Cloud

Google very supportive in Move to the Cloud headline art

This Director of IT for a large retail & consumer enterprise is streamlining global initiatives and focusing on high-value projects like supply chain optimization and migration to the cloud. Our guest describes a permanent shift from physical stores to e-commerce and highlights an increasing focus on data security across all consumer data. Read the summary … Read more

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