Hundreds of organizations rely on ETR to uncover actionable intelligence from IT decision makers

Enterprise technology

The technology landscape is shifting, with new products, players, and categories being introduced daily. Ensuring your technology is meeting the needs of IT decision makers, staying relevant with the latest trends, and standing out amongst your competition can be a daunting task.

Financial services

There is no shortage of research providers to utilize in your decision-making process but with the technology landscape constantly shifting and new players and categories being introduced, how do you ensure you are making the correct investments?

IT decision makers (ITDM)

Amidst declining budgets and an amorphous IT landscape, IT leadership must ensure the right technologies and services are being procured.

“ETR is an integral part of our research process. Their survey work is at least 5x broader and deeper than anything available from the biggest brokers.”

Technology Portfolio Manager, $10bn+ Hedge Fund

“ETR is a great forum for true thought leaders to meet, discuss, and analyze emerging trends and events and share them back with the broader community.”

CISO, Global Travel & Hospitality Enterprise

“We’ve been engaged with ETR for several years utilizing the Technology Spending Intentions Survey which has been invaluable in providing insight into our customers’ demand and the planned spend with us as well as our competitors.”

Economist, Cisco

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