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Survey data can help you better understand your market and your competitive positioning within that market. It can let you know what your potential and current clients are saying about you and your competitors and may explain why a company is outperforming yours.

The advantages of partnering with a market research firm are numerous. Companies like ETR not only have the tools needed to conduct the survey, but also the analyst resources to help you understand the data you receive. They also have the expertise needed to determine the best audience topics and questions to make your survey successful. 

When looking for a market research company, first and foremost, make sure it has experience within your market. Then review the extent of the data it provides and how it goes about getting its data. Make sure the data is coming from the proper resources for your industry. 

About ETR

Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) is a technology market research firm that gathers data from its community of vetted professionals to create research reports and custom surveys, as well as facilitate panel discussions and 1:1 expert calls regarding organizations’ spending decisions related to enterprise technology products and services.

One of the most notable ways ETR is different than other market research firms is our primary data comes directly from the source, instead of basing insights on someone else’s opinion. Every day, we are growing our community of technology decision makers in order to bring you complete insights so you can make the best decisions for your company. Also, what sets us apart is the longevity of our data and how sector-specific it is. Since 2010, ETR has been collecting data on over 600 tech companies. 

About Our Surveys

The Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS) is our quarterly survey that measures which technologies are catching the attention and spending dollars of organizations. 

The Emerging Technology Survey (ETS) is our quarterly survey that measures organizations’ awareness of, willingness to try, and spending intentions towards emerging technologies. 

About ETR Products

The ETR Platform is where you can find our proprietary data sets, models, live insights, custom and commissioned research reports, and expert network, all in one place. 

The ETR Community is a vetted group of professionals who have decision-making power over their organization’s technology spend. These include chief information officers, chief technology officers, chief information security officers, vice presidents, senior managers and directors, enterprise architects, and many more roles in technology.

Following a proprietary methodology of data-backed analysis, the ETR Observatory, unlike other industry reports, is designed to assess IT decision-maker (ITDM) usage of a vendor’s product and services within a specific subsector.

ETR Connect

ETR Connect matches clients with the correct enterprise technology experts for 1:1 conversations so our clients can act with the confidence that comes from qualitative insights backed by quantitative data on their investment, strategic, and business decisions. We target the correct experts based on experience, tech stack, budget, industry, and company size to ensure a more focused and relevant conversation.

ETR Connect’s team and technology platform provide our clients with tailored access to customer and evaluator perspectives vetted based on their technology spend, experience, industry, and company size to ensure 1:1 expert calls are more focused and relevant. We offer dedicated full-service professionalism, customizable compliance framework, and pay-as-you-go pricing without up-front commitments.  

ETR Connect’s team and technology platform provide the members of our ETR Community the opportunity to participate in paid consultations with our clients. We offer dedicated full-service professionalism, monetization for industry experience at an hourly rate of their choosing, and the shared ability to teach and learn.  

We leverage systems and technology to manage potential conflicts, tailor our workflow to client specific compliance process, and provide training to support our compliance policies.

Request to Join

The ETR Community is an exclusive group of IT decision makers. If you have purview over the tech spend in your organization, please fill out the form below to see if you qualify to join the ETR Community. Ready to jump in quicker? Applications with LinkedIn links included are able to be reviewed more quickly. Thank you!