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Is Cloudflare “the Next Palo Alto?”

ETR Insights presents an interview with the Vice President of IT and CISO for a business services organization, which is moving back to a physical data center from the public cloud based on cost and security concerns. While this organization is frustrated by Microsoft’s add-on security services, has had mixed experiences with Palo Alto and Zscaler, and remains wary of Cisco following their Firepower firewall issues, Cloudflare solutions are being increasingly adopted at scale. Additionally, read on to hear a first-hand perspective on Zscaler’s limited protocol support, why this company chose Qualys over Tenable and Rapid7, and why Datadog is so successful at “sneaking in” new services.

ETR’s July 2023 Report Card

Back in July, ETR collected 2H’23 IT budgets from over 1,700 IT decision makers globally. Now entering the back half of the year, ETR is following up by asking its community of end users for an update on their original 2H’23 IT spending plans (vs. actual 1H’22 spend). While the survey is still in the field, so far, over 1,200 respondents have already submitted their updated 2H plans via ETR’s October ’23 Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS).

“Data Analytics is the Main Priority” 

ETR Insights presents an interview with the VP of Business Intelligence, who centralized all data under Snowflake and leverages Azure for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and AI/ML. This company treats data as a direct business line where its CEO personally drives the company’s analytics initiatives. Read on to learn why DataMirror is a more efficient way to clean data within Salesforce, how Databricks’ ability to engage front-line data workers is supercharging the vendor’s growth, and much more.

2023 Cloud Survey Results

ETR completed its annual Cloud survey with more than 300 select ITDM respondents contributing to the study that measures utilization, workloads, and spending on cloud providers. This includes public cloud workload share, public vs. private distributions, spend drivers, and vendor market share across AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and other players in the space.

ETR Observatory for E-signature Tools

ETR is happy to announce its ETR Observatory for E-signature tools. Backed by ETR data, vendors are positioned in leading, advancing, tracking, or trailing groups according to momentum and presence in the market. The plotting of the vendors in the subsector is based on the data, not opinions or vendor influence. Read a brief excerpt from the report below, and then click through to access our second Observatory on E-signature tools for free! 

AUG23 Emerging Technology Survey (ETS) 

As our past readers and community members already know, the ETS provides enterprise customer sentiment data on 450+ private emerging tech vendors. The most recent iteration of this survey saw participation from nearly 1500 IT decision makers, representing over ~$600 billion in annual IT spend. Following each survey, our research team analyzes evaluation, utilization, and churn metrics to determine outperforming and underperforming vendors, as well as present a sector-by-sector view of performance relative to each company’s raised capital.

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