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ETR’s Earnings Calendar Data Review

Earnings season is heating up, with several big-name companies already posting soft guidance. ETR has nearly 20 covered tech vendors reporting next week, and in this article, we highlight the most recent data inflections on Workday, Jamf, Okta, Zscaler, Dell, and Elastic. The data cited in this article is from ETR’s January 2024 Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS). 

Man on mountain; headline art for Mature Megavendors Gaining Ground in Cloud Computing

Mature Megavendors Gaining Ground in Cloud Computing 

Data from the January 2024 Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS) showed notable Net Score growth for large, mature tech companies, such as Oracle, IBM, and Dell Technologies. In particular, these established megavendors saw impressive gains in spending momentum in the Cloud Computing sector. While these vendors are still outpaced by a considerable margin in this sector by the Big Three public cloud vendors – AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform – these recent gains are still eye-opening, perhaps signaling the closing of a gap between the Big Three and the mature megavendor group.

Headline art: top enterprise tech trends for 2024

Top Enterprise Tech Trends for 2024 

To mark the new year, ETR hosted a series of interviews with IT decision makers following a standardized set of questions to determine the most (and least) pressing trends in enterprise technology heading into 2024. The full report aggregates findings across all seven interviews and outlines key developments in the IT sector amidst a backdrop of inflation, supply chain issues, and geopolitical conflicts. While this article summarizes some key takeaways, the full report should be read for all the details and vendor comments.

ETR Earnings Preview

As this quarter’s earnings season rolls along, this week, we take a deep dive into Palo Alto Network’s most recent spending intentions data ahead of their expected report on Tuesday, February 20th. Shares of Palo Alto have been on a tremendous trajectory for the last four years, rising from pre-pandemic levels of $80 to more than $365 as of press time, driven by strong revenues, EPS growth, and a steady buyback program. Let’s take a look at the data to see if there are any signs of a slowdown in their forward-looking spending intentions.

ETR’s Earnings Calendar Data Review (Feb 2024)

With earnings season in full swing, ETR highlights data reviews on select vendors. The data cited in this article is from ETR’s January 2024 Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS). With 20+ covered tech vendors reporting next week, we focus on ZoomInfo, Monday, Datadog, and Shopify.

Let’s kick things off with a deep dive into Datadog..

ETR Observatory for Identity and Access Management Tools 

The latest ETR Observatory report on Identity and Access Mgmt. (IAM) Tools is now available! Backed exclusively by ETR’s new Market Array data, the vendors covered in this report are positioned in Leading, Advancing, Tracking, or Pursuing vectors according to Momentum and Presence in the market. The plotting of the vendors in the subsector is based exclusively on the data, not opinions or vendor influence.

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