Enhance your investment strategy

There is no shortage of research providers to utilize in your decision-making process but with the technology landscape constantly shifting and new players and categories being introduced, how do you ensure you are making the correct investments?

Augment your investment process, by leveraging our ETR Community to gain an unbiased view into forward-looking enterprise technology demand, market share movement, and technology shifts, and the key drivers that influence these indicators.

Solutions by Role

Fundamental Investors

  • Save time, money, and ultimately improve outcomes with due diligence at scale
  • Analyze standardized data on over 600+ enterprise technology vendors to identify best and worst positioned vendors, as well as inflection points, ultimately leading to new idea generation
  • Track forward-looking demand on products and services offered by your firm’s current portfolio companies
  • Hyper target a group of IT decision makers based on their answers to spending intention and technology stack questions for 1:1 calls and custom surveys

“ETR Connect is incredibly efficient for finding significant customers or significant lost customers of every enterprise software company. The transcript service (via Twilio) saves you from taking any notes and lets you concentrate on the consultant and your questions.”

Portfolio Manager, Family Office

“ETR Data and ETR Insights have added significant value to our research process as we evaluate CIO spend priorities and other important insights related to technology vendors.”

Investment Professional, Large Family Office

ETR wins the “Earner Award” for Best Medium Frequency Dataset in the Battle of the Quants

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The ETR Community is an exclusive group of IT decision makers. If you have purview over the tech spend in your organization, please fill out the form below to see if you qualify to join the ETR Community. Ready to jump in quicker? Applications with LinkedIn links included are able to be reviewed more quickly. Thank you!