ETR Presents: 2023 Top Enterprise Tech Trends Series Pt1

Over the next month, ETR will highlight its recent 2023 Top Trends series, where we interviewed several ITDMs in our community to determine the most (and least) pressing enterprise technology trends heading into 2023. This article recaps some of the high-level takeaways from one of those interviews featuring a CISO from a Global, Retail/Consumer Enterprise. 

2023 Top Enterprise Tech Trends

To mark the end of the year, ETR hosted a series of interviews with IT decision makers following a standardized set of questions to determine the most (and least) pressing trends in enterprise technology heading into 2023. The interview panel consisted of five ETR Community Members: the Senior DevOps and SRE Officer for a large … Read more

ETR Cloud Infrastructure Survey 

ETR conducted a Cloud Infrastructure survey to measure utilization, workloads, and spend on cloud providers. This includes Iaas/PaaS workload share, public vs. private distributions, spend drivers, vendor pervasion, and wallet share across AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and other players in the space. In light of the near-term ‘lull’ in cloud spend, the medium-term … Read more

Top ETR Platform Stats of 2022

Every year we track which data models, reports, interviews, sectors, and vendors garnered the most traction on our comprehensive research platform. Whether you’re an institutional investor, an enterprise tech company executive, or an IT practitioner, the ETR Research platform is a cornucopia of information to assist with technology spending trends, competitive intelligence, vendor evaluation, and … Read more

2023 Early Takeaways

As of press time, 1250+ IT decision makers have already participated in ETR’s 2023 Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS), including 223 from Fortune 500 and 325 from Global 2000 organizations. ETR’s Research Team has published Early Takeaways, leveraging preliminary data to examine sectors with improving/declining 2023 spending intent and inflections captured at the vendor level. … Read more

ETR Connect Highlights Datadog 

Anyone who knows the name ETR knows that we are obsessive about our data. Everything we do is based on our spending intentions data collected directly from our curated community of IT decision makers. Data is the foundation of our syndicated survey offerings that support spending intentions analysis for public tech companies and the proprietary … Read more

ETR’s Top 5 Drill Down Surveys

In addition to ETR’s syndicated surveys that populate our proprietary data sets and set the basis for the industry’s most comprehensive spending intentions research, we also offer a full suite of custom research ranging from focus panels, expert end-user, and customer interviews, consulting analysis, and the industry’s best custom surveys. In fact, ETR has a … Read more

Steady Spending in the Face of Headwinds

ETR Insights recently interviewed the EVP of Technology Services for a large technology enterprise, who spoke at length about the need for companies to carefully consider and deploy SaaS licensing, leveraging existing enterprise agreements, and root out redundant licensing to optimize cost and flexibility. The discussion includes how integrated offerings by platform providers like SAP … Read more

Top 10 IT Decision Maker Quotes

ETR Data will tell you what’s happening in the enterprise tech market, but it can’t always tell you why. That’s where ETR Insights enters into the equation. Every year the ETR Insights team hosts analyst-led interviews with our community of IT decision makers designed to gather feedback on the macro, sector, and vendor-level data collected … Read more

Can Databricks Match Snowflake? 

In a recent ETR Insights interview, we spoke to the Vice President and Principal Software Engineer for a large financials enterprise. The interview kicked off with a discussion of the macro environment. Although he is understandably cautious, our guest does not expect his organization to make any “drastic cuts” to the budget or any reductions … Read more

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