Why choose ETR?

See what sets ETR apart from traditional research firms, survey data providers, and expert networks.

Single platform

Access our proprietary data sets, models, live insights, custom and commissioned research reports, and expert network all in one place.
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Proprietary data, insights, and research

Our dataset is a statistically significant alternative set which is unique to the market with a high participation rate from our IT decision makers. We are the first investor-facing product to apply data science search metrics and analysis to the inherent intelligence in human conversations with our ETR Insights products.

Unbiased, robust data

Our robust database of IT decision makers allows users the ability to cut over 60+ ways across verticals, size of enterprise, and geography. We offer over 10+ years of data with a consistent methodology over time, allowing for time-series analysis.

Survey Net Score

“Much of the research produced today is either a historical view of what happened last quarter or last year; or a prediction of the future with no data foundation. ETR is different and a far more powerful platform. It allows you to discern patterns and connect dots over a period of time.”

Dave Vellante, CEO, SiliconANGLE & theCUBE

“The Magic Quadrant is the past. It is not the future. The thing that the ETR surveys and analysis does is that it gives you a clear projection into today and moving forward; not the past. With the speed we’re moving, and the speed things are changing, do you really want knowledge from the past? Or do you want to see what’s going on now? I’m with ETR.”

Jonathan Zwang, Director of Principal Strategy, Photon

“ETR is an integral part of our research process. Their survey work is at least 5x broader and deeper than anything available from the biggest brokers. The ability to track time–series data by vendor is extremely helpful in spotting inflection points in demand. And their drill downs allow us to focus our research in the appropriate areas.”

Technology Portfolio Manager, $10bn+ Hedge Fund
Forward Looking


Our core survey data is 6-12 months forward looking, while commissioned drill down surveys can look as far out as desired.

Competitive cost

Other research providers lock you into inflexible, upfront subscriptions, while we customize the solution to fit the needs of your business with less investment than traditional research models.

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The ETR Community is an exclusive group of IT decision makers. If you have purview over the tech spend in your organization, please fill out the form below to see if you qualify to join the ETR Community. Ready to jump in quicker? Applications with LinkedIn links included are able to be reviewed more quickly. Thank you!