A comprehensive technology market research firm

ETR is a technology market research firm that transforms proprietary data from our targeted IT decision maker (ITDM) community into actionable insights around spending intentions and industry trends.
Our Research

Uncover insights from IT decision makers

Discover our proprietary data around IT decision makers’ tech stack, sentiment, and spending intentions for 200+ publicly traded enterprise technology companies and 400+ emerging technology companies.

Our Platform

Understand emerging trends

Unearth predictors of enterprise technology performance by mining our data through our exclusive visualizations and models.
Custom Surveys

Focus on relevant technology shifts

Conduct dedicated custom surveys with a targeted group of IT decision makers to understand what is behind the trends shaping the enterprise technology landscape.

“ETR Connect is incredibly efficient for finding significant customers or significant lost customers of every enterprise software company. The transcript service (via Twilio) saves you from taking any notes and lets you concentrate on the consultant and your questions.”

Portfolio Manager, Family Office

“I really like the webinars, and all the reports and metrics I can get from the ETR platform. It has changed the way I do technology research. On the other side, being able to hop on a call and provide my expertise makes ETR a complete experience.”

Director of IT Architecture, Large Financial Services Enterprise

“ETR provides unparalleled access into our customer’s mindset around how they plan to spend their everchanging IT & Security budgets. Not only do they provide a glimpse into our customers’ demand but also unrivaled access into their spending intentions with our key competitors.”

Economist, Cisco
Live Insights

Learn from end-user events

Reveal the narrative behind the data by sponsoring, listening, or reviewing the transcripts of our ETR Insights library from our IT expert community.
1:1 Calls

Connect directly with IT decision makers

Drive deeper insights with ETR Connect, which helps identify and target IT experts based on experience, tech stack, budget, industry, and company size for targeted and relevant 1:1 calls.

Ramp Screens

ETR Serves Customers In...

Enterprise technology

Enterprise technology leaders use ETR to explore the competitive landscape, unearth the metrics that impact their sales funnel and product-market fit, as well as refine their value propositions for their product, business development, competitive intelligence, investor relations, and marketing initiatives.

Financial services

Financial service leaders use ETR to gain an unbiased view of enterprise technology demand, market share changes, technology shifts, as well as the key drivers behind change. ETR customers can significantly reduce the time and cost of conducting due diligence, increasing their likelihood of success.

IT decision makers

IT decision makers (ITDMs) use ETR to benchmark their technology stack against peers, evaluate industry trends, and ensure that their vendor decisions promote a competitive advantage for their enterprise. Knowledge of emerging technology vendors also improves POCs, optimizes procurement decisions, and enhances vendor negotiating positions.

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The ETR Community is an exclusive group of IT decision makers. If you have purview over the tech spend in your organization, please fill out the form below to see if you qualify to join the ETR Community. Ready to jump in quicker? Applications with LinkedIn links included are able to be reviewed more quickly. Thank you!