Ghastly Earnings Gauntlet

Amidst an ominous economic backdrop, an eerie earnings season descends upon us, but fret not ETR followers, our apotropaic data will shield you from the ghouls and navigate the ghastly gauntlet. ETR’s macro data has captured declining tech budgets throughout the entire year and recent slowdowns in both PCs and Cloud numbers demonstrate just how widespread and indiscriminate these declines are hitting the enterprise tech market. Similarly, the most recent Spending Intentions Survey showed historic levels of Net Score lows. Given the broad decline, our analytics team added relational positioning analysis to this round of vendor-specific reports to help gauge the relative declines or advances of a particular vendor compared to their peer group. This useful tool combined with our decade of historical data, competitive analysis modeling, and customer growth metrics is all synthesized into ETR’s quarterly vendor reports available to our clients in the report section of our marketplace.

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