Advanced Analytics is a Crawl-Walk-Run Journey 

This week, we review an ETR Insights panel where community members discussed the work they are doing with advanced analytics use cases, the vendors they are leveraging, and the technical challenges they encounter as they pursue these projects. The full summary, available on the ETR research platform, is packed with evaluation and commentary on the leading … Read more

ETR Earnings Calendar

With earnings season underway, next week’s calendar is packed with companies that ETR tracks in our surveys, and while no single input can paint an entire picture, our forward looking spending intentions have been proven to correlate to future revenues. As such, let’s take a look at what the recent data said about a few … Read more

Cloudflare Earnings Preview

Cloudflare’s CEO made cautious comments earlier this month at a Software Conference, particularly around potential lengthening of sales cycles (a growing trend among tech CEOs). The company, which has seen its stock drop more than 60% YTD, is slated to report earnings on Thursday, August 4th after the market close. Ahead of the report next … Read more

2H22 Macro Data Overview

Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) released its latest Macro Views data, which found that overall IT spending is down, tech hiring is slowing, and organizations plan to reduce IT spend in 2022 primarily through the consolidation of redundant vendors across business units. Over 1,200 IT decision makers – representing more than $600 billion in annual IT … Read more

Emerging Technology Survey (ETS) Highlights

More than 930 IT decision makers (representing over $500 billion in annual IT spend) participated in ETR’s MAY22 ETS analyzing evaluation, utilization, and churn metrics for 450+ private, enterprise tech vendors. In our first installment, we examined a higher-level view of the data, and this week we present the best-positioned security vendors.

ServiceNow’s EMEA Outlook

ServiceNow’s CEO Bill McDermott recently mentioned a potential lengthening of sales cycles in Europe in addition to potential FX and macro headwinds. Take a look into ETR’s 2H’22 spend data for ServiceNow to see how the data compares to management commentary.

Okta Breach Reactions

Okta Breach reactions

Following Okta’s security breach, ETR hosted a panel to discuss Okta’s delayed disclosure, reputational damage, the pathway to regaining trust, and how it may impact contract renewals. With Security remaining the top sector priority according to the most recent data and with Okta’s stock still down more than 50% YTD, this panel is worth revisiting.

Telehealth Transformation Accelerates Post-Pandemic

This recent ETR Insights interview featured the Chief Information Officer for a large healthcare organization for the Canadian Government. After two decades of experience, he faced a new challenge in very quickly shifting his healthcare network to remote work, a task he successfully supported in impressive fashion.

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