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Coupa Feedback Panel

By client demand, this ETR Insights Product Feedback Series focuses on Coupa, where we leverage the experience of the IT executives in our community to dive deeper into the cloud-based business spend management vendor and the alternatives in the space. This article summarizes the key takeaways from the panel, including Coupa product evaluation, decreasing spend patterns & competitive positioning.

Telehealth Transformation Accelerates Post-Pandemic

This recent ETR Insights interview featured the Chief Information Officer for a large healthcare organization for the Canadian Government. After two decades of experience, he faced a new challenge in very quickly shifting his healthcare network to remote work, a task he successfully supported in impressive fashion.

Sophisticated Attacks Drive Sophisticated Security

With the recent ransomware attack on the US infrastructure assets owned by Colonial pipeline as a backdrop, the VP of Information Security for a large, publicly traded technology enterprise based in France discussed the core elements of good security strategy, including vulnerability management, endpoint protection and automated response. This article recaps yet another stellar ETR Insights interview.

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