XDR Stealing Share from Vulnerability Management Vendors

ETR Insights recently interviewed the Chief Information Security Officer of a large technology organization. Despite the current climate, our guest is expecting a minimum of 5% growth in IT spend at their firm on the organization’s move from SMB to targeting enterprise clients, which comes with a new range of tools, responsibilities, and regulatory requirements. That said, to save costs, the company has begun delaying or stopping new projects, reducing access to cloud resources, and consolidating redundant vendors. “SaaS licensing and optimization is part of it, but we’re in a transition state through M&A, and we keep bringing on new tools. We need to figure out who’s got the best-to-breed, who’s doing the best job, and where do we get the best value.”

Our guest details their experience with Qualys, Rapid7, and Tenable. He also discusses why he prefers subscription-based pricing models and explains how XDR vendors like CrowdStrike and SentinelOne may replace traditional vulnerability management tools and possibly SIEM, as well. Read on for a healthy dose of information security.

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