ETR Data Spotlight – Fintech

With two Technology Spending Intentions Surveys (TSIS) completed since ETR’s addition of the Fintech sector into our survey universe, we highlight our takeaways ahead of our first full year of spending intent data on the sector coming in January. At the sector level, Fintech boasted a 23.1% Net Score higher than the broader TSIS Survey Net Score of 20.2% in OCT23. This represented an increase in aggregate spending intent from the previous survey in JUL23, one of only three subsectors in our data displaying a sequential increase (along with Contact Center and Diversified Apps). Subsector Adoptions came in at 10% of respondents in OCT23, an increase from the 7% seen in JUL23. This level of Adoptions ranked fourth across the 28 subsectors tracked in ETR data, behind only ML/AI, RPA, and Container Orchestration. This increase in Adoptions was largely responsible for the sequential Net Score gains in 2H23 survey data.

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