Educating Employees Key to Stopping Vulnerabilities

ETR Insights presents an interview with the Vice-President of Information Technology for a large tech enterprise whose company expects a 3% to 4% increase in IT budget for 2024 driven by rising SaaS and software service costs. They note the impact of inflation on wages and software prices, suggesting some vendors might be exploiting the situation. They plan to continue leveraging generative AI, though they find that it offers a limited benefit for some use cases versus its implementation costs. Security remains a priority, with investments in SSO, MFA systems, and employee education being tantamount. Meanwhile, this organization is reconsidering its spending on observability and monitoring tools. Read on to learn more about why our guest favors large public cloud vendors over a private cloud, the importance of monitoring SaaS providers around security, and why Oracle and other legacy ERP vendors will lose share as more innovative cloud-native providers advance.

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