Enterprise Tech Trends 2024

ETR Insights presents an interview with the Chief Information Technology Officer for a large regional transportation authority. The authority’s relatively secure funding cushions the impacts of inflation, though our guest still emphasizes a cautious stance, particularly when it comes to technology-related expenditures and consultant costs. They discuss the impacts of international conflict on supply chains, … Read more

Enterprise Tech Trends 2024 

ETR Insights presents an interview with the CISO and Vice President of IT Infrastructure for a large industrial manufacturing enterprise, which is navigating a tightening IT budget, layoffs, and potential cutbacks on hardware maintenance contracts and software licenses. Facing increased risks from nation-state cyberattacks, they’ve shifted budget allocation to prioritize security at the expense of … Read more

Power BI Presents Ongoing Need for Specialized IT Skills

ETR Insights presents an interview with an Enterprise Architect for a large tech services and consulting enterprise, who is enthusiastic about increasing IT budgets and the need to develop IT frameworks to support AI/ML. They highlight the widespread adoption of low-code applications and the prominent role of generative AI at their company, particularly for chatbots … Read more

Databricks More Complex Up Front but Significantly Cheaper than Snowflake

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ETR Insights presents an interview with the Senior VP of Global Infrastructure for a large financial services organization. This executive highlights a shift from the early post-COVID IT spending surge to a more moderated expenditure strategy, emphasizing workforce attrition, automation, and bulk software purchasing. The organization is intensively investing in AI and machine learning to … Read more

Who Acquired Who?

ETR Insights presents an interview with the Senior Director of Technology Integration at a small technology enterprise, who notes an uptick in auditing activities and a trend toward IT budget consolidation into comprehensive platforms. As remote working becomes the new norm, companies are restructuring their work and hiring strategies. Our guest discussed interest in generative … Read more

Optimization in the Face of Inflation 

ETR Insights presents an interview with a Director of IT for a large energy enterprise, who sheds light on the company’s tech spending strategies and priorities. The executive emphasizes a drive towards consolidating vendors and optimizing their tech investments to cut costs, with particular focus on cybersecurity. The company prefers comprehensive, “best-of-suite” vendors like Microsoft, … Read more

Power BI Taking Share from SAP and Qlik 

ETR Insights presents an interview with the VP of Information Technology & Services for a large agribusiness enterprise that complements its existing SAP ecosystem with tools from Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft. Our guest offers an evaluation of Analytics Cloud from SAP and explains why Power BI is taking share away. Learn why this company … Read more

Zscaler is “Top-Notch” but Struggles to Cater Across Verticals 

ETR Insights presents an interview with the Cyber Attack Response Engineer for a global financials enterprise. Readers will appreciate this informed perspective on platform-style security solutions, ZTNA, endpoint updates and sensor-based security technologies, and cost-efficient log management. The discussion turned quickly to security vendors, including Cloudflare, Tanium, CrowdStrike, Okta, Ping, SailPoint, and more within the … Read more

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