ETR Introduces the ETR Observatory

New report assesses enterprise technology vendors according to data from IT decision makers

Expanding its industry-leading research portfolio, Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) announces the launch of the ETR Observatory. The ETR Observatory is an in-depth analysis designed to assess IT decision-maker (ITDM) usage of vendors within a specific subsector. The ETR Observatory positions subsector competitors relative to their peers based solely on ETR’s underlying data tracking spending, utilization, and entrenchment. The analysis consists of an infographic and a comprehensive report.

The ETR Observatory infographic shows an intersection of a vendor’s spending intentions and utilization rates with its penetration across the ITDM respondent population. The accompanying ETR Observatory report examines the state of a specific subsector of vendors by triangulating data from ETR’s two core quarterly surveys, the Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS) and Emerging Technology Survey (ETS); commentary from ETR Insights interviews with ITDMs; and proprietary industry analysis.

Over the last decade of gathering enterprise technology trends and product feedback directly from the decision makers and business practitioners, ETR has learned that IT executives are “skeptical of research products currently in the market,” as one CIO remarked in an interview, and there is a strong preference for peer-to-peer education. That is exactly what ETR does. The market research firm surveys the IT community and leverages the community’s experience and expertise to provide a more valuable research ecosystem to the enterprise technology world for practitioners, vendors, and investors. All of the research that ETR provides is backed by data and direct end-user feedback.

“The ETR Observatory is the most recent research product ETR offers that leverages this differentiated approach and relies on data rather than analyst opinion or vendor influence,” said Erik Bradley, ETR Chief Strategist.

The first two ETR Observatory reports have been released. Both are available within ETR’s featured reports on its website. The inaugural ETR Observatory covers the project management tool market, while the second examines the machine learning/artificial intelligence space. Upcoming ETR Observatory analyses will cover enterprise backup and recovery, e-signature tools, contact centers, RPA, and data cataloging.

“We know from our conversations with C-suite technology leaders and the rhythms of our survey data that enterprise backup and recovery, e-signature tools, contact centers, RPA, and data cataloging are capturing the attention and dollars of global organizations at the moment,” said Daren Brabham, ETR Senior Analyst. “Our ETR Observatory analysis is well-timed to help executives navigate these trendy topics and empower them to make tech purchasing decisions with real empirical evidence instead of a hunch.”

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