ETR Observatory

Following a proprietary methodology of data-backed analysis, the ETR Observatory, unlike other industry reports, is designed to assess IT decision-maker usage of a vendor’s product and services within a specific subsector. 

Mission Critical Identity Security is Progressing and Consolidating All at Once

Identity and access management (IAM) plays a critical role in an organization’s security architecture by controlling who and what can access its assets. Our latest ETR Observatory examines the vendors in this dynamic sector. Review the ETR Observatory on Identity and Access management Tools to take a deep dive into user feedback and expert evaluations to analyze how different vendors perform in this market characterized by rapid technological progress, an increasing variety of offerings, and the potential for consolidation.

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Robust Self-Service Platforms Dominate the BI and Reporting Market

Today’s business intelligence (BI) tools can vary greatly in capabilities, benefits, and appeal. Read this ETR Observatory to learn more about the vendors, trends, and data that define this market. 

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Marketing and Niche Focus Differentiate Process Automation Competitors

This ETR Observatory examines the process automation space. Review it to learn what experts are saying about process automation vendors and which ones the data positions in the leading spots.

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Maturity, Scale, and Speed Driving Leading ML/AI Vendors

This ETR Observatory examines the ML/AI space and sharing commentary on a few its vendors. See what the ETR data reveals about Databricks, TensorFlow, Hugging Face, Scale AI, and others.

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Second Wave of Players Push Progression in Evolving Endpoint Security Market

The endpoint protection marketplace is relentlessly advancing. Review our ETR Observatory on Endpoint Protection Platforms to learn how we used data to reveal which vendors are progressing with end users.­

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Bifurcation and Slow Growth in the E-Signature Space

While spending trajectory on e-signature tools has lowered, the need for electronic signature software remains intact. This ETR Observatory looks at the e-signature sector and examines some of its vendors.

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Atlassian Leads a Saturated Market for Project Management Tools

Project management tools have become increasingly critical with distributed workers and an increasing focus on operational efficiency. Find out which project management tools are tech pros are using the most.

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