ETR Insights’ Gen AI and Microsoft Copilot Panel 

In a comprehensive ETR panel discussion about the integration of generative AI technologies across different sectors, IT professionals from a municipal government, a tech enterprise, a nonprofit, and a consulting firm discussed using AI for internal data summarization, 3D visualization, automating service desk responses, vetting grant requests, and more. They broadly favor off-the-shelf solutions like GPT-4 and integrated solutions from Microsoft and others already aligned with their existing IT infrastructure. Cost-effectiveness, ROI, and operational efficiency are key, with some hesitation around data security, compliance, and governance. The panelists acknowledge “sticker shock” at costs but see this expense as justified if the tools improve operational efficiency, automate complex processes, enhance cybersecurity, and better facilitate long-range planning. In particular, generative AI, in conjunction with RPA, could revolutionize more traditional sectors like real estate and construction.

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