Macro Views Summary

The July 2023 Macro Views survey broke records again, capturing 1777 IT decision makers (ITDM) responses, including ~63% of the Fortune 500.

Spending estimates are down again, with the full-year 2023 estimate standing at +2.9% (down from +3.2% last quarter) as the rate of decline appears “less bad” than in recent periods. Large organizations also slightly improved for the first time in several survey periods.

Delaying or stopping new projects and reducing staffing and consulting/outsourcing remained the top methods for budget cutting.

Another bright spot was the number of organizations accelerating IT deployments/projects expanding, in tandem with the proportion freezing deployments/projects holding steady for the second consecutive period.

Within Enterprise Apps, CRM leads while supply chain mgmt. is the laggard. Cybersecurity remains the highest priority overall, followed by Analytics/Data Warehousing, while (ML/AI) caught the largest rise. Within ML/AI, scoping relevant business use cases was the most highly prioritized area of focus, followed closely by data prep/organization.

The number of organizations NOT evaluating Generative AI/LLMs fell from 52% to 34% survey over survey. Customer support and text and data summarization were the most cited use cases, though code generation and documentation, and writing copy, both increased notably. However, the number of organizations using the technology in a production environment is less than half of those evaluating it.

Moving on to the vendor-specific Macro/TSIS crossover data, several observability tools (Elastic, Datadog, Splunk, New Relic) are seeing notably higher spending intentions among ITDMs with positive IT spend growth for Q3.

Security players, Okta, Datadog, and Akamai, see the largest disparity between those with positive Q3 spend vs. flat/negative spend. Microsoft, Cisco, Okta, and Fortinet also captured a positive correlation.

Snowflake, Workday, ServiceNow, SAP, Atlassian, Oracle, and SolarWinds stand out with relational Net Scores among ascending IT spend profiles. Lastly, all 9 of the largest Pervasion leaders within Productivity Apps saw their Net scores mirror IT spend growth profiles.

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